Grip Wrap

Dampen Shock & Vibration. Improve Grip

Gripwrap kit includes waffle VEP sheet and self-adhesive silicone rubber tape. Provides a comfortable gripping surface. Easy to customize, simply cut to fit tool handle and wrap.

Shock & Vibration Dampening / Improved Tool Control / Provides Comfortable Gripping Surface

IMPACTO vibration reducing tool handle gripwrap. Kit includes waffle Visco-elastic polymer sheet and self-adhesive silicone rubber tape.

  • Absorbs and dissipates shock and vibration transmitted by power tools
  • Provides a soft anti-slip gripping surface
  • Easy to use and customize with open or closed handles

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Model # VEP thickness VEP dimensions Tape
9064 3/16″ / 0.5cm 13″ x 15″ / 30x38cm 6 rolls
9066 3/16″ / 0.5cm 6.5″ x 5″ / 16x12cm 1 roll
9068 1/8″ / 0.3cm 6.5″ x 5″ / 16x12cm 1 roll
9065 3/16″ / 0.5cm 13″ x 5″ / 33x12cm 2 rolls
9067 1/8″ / 0.3cm 13″ x 5″ / 33x12cm 2 rolls

VEP Padding

VEPs are solids that mimic the behavior of liquids, which allows dissipation of shock waves better than any other material. The “solid-liquid” nature of VEP absorbs shock waves in all directions at once, reforming to its original shape at a rate that is slow enough so as not to exert outward pressure that could cause reverberations, but fast enough to regain its original shape before the next shock.

  • In laboratory tests, VEP has proven its ability to absorb up to 500% more shock than foam of the same thickness
  • The unique manner in which VEP dissipates impact energy, makes it an ideal material for the improvement of health and safety in industry and commerce
  • VEP padding is positioned in or in combinations of multiple places on the hand: palm, back of hand, fingers, thumb web area
  • VEP is also used for body protectors and cushions to dampen impact and vibration
  • Typical thickness of gloves are 1/8” (3 mm) to provide excellent shock absorption and impact dissipation while allowing tactile feedback
  • Also available in 3/16” (4.5 mm) and 1/4″ (6 mm) thickness for specialty applications
  • Certification Icon, Details:


Product meets the strict European safety guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment.

Gloves are in compliance with EN 420 General Requirements for Gloves.

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