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Manufacturing specialized personal protective equipment since 1988.

Impacto Protective Products Inc. is a privately owned, Canadian company that serves the exclusive needs for worker safety. We have been manufacturing and marketing specialized personal protective equipment since 1988.


Vibration Protection

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and repetitive trauma associated with excessive vibration is a significant health problem in industries affecting millions of workers. IMPACTO offers the most styles of American National Standard Institute (ANSI) certified gloves on the market.


The patented IMPACTO AIR GLOVE® reduces vibration energy transmission to help prevent job specific trauma while still allowing full range of motion and manual dexterity. Multiple, individual air chambers are less susceptible to failure and ensure optimal glove functionality. Lightweight, soft and adaptable, the air bladder technology conforms to the ex-lines of the hand, minimizing grip stress and providing greater tool control. A urethane construction provides consistent protection that is durable, yet thin and pliable to remain flexible around tool handles. IMPACTO® full finger Air Gloves® exceed the ANSI S2.73-2002 (R 2007) / ISO 10819:1996 Anti-Vibration Glove Standard.


Impact Protection

Every year, hand and arm injuries caused by repetitive shock cost industries millions of dollars in health care. Musculoskeletal injuries have been identified as the most frequent type of workplace injury.

Visco-Elastic Polymer (VEP) Padding

VEPs are solids that mimic the behavior of liquids, which allows dissipation of shock waves better than any other material. VEP absorbs shock waves in all directions at once, reforming to its original shape at a rate that is slow enough to not exert outward pressure, but fast enough to regain its original shape before the next shock. In laboratory tests, VEP has proven its ability to absorb up to 500% more shock than foam of the same thickness.


Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) are an everyday concern in the workplace and can occur in many parts of the body including the wrist, elbow, back, neck, hip, knees and ankles. IMPACTO® products use a number of foam materials and therapeutic technologies to help prevent RSIs.

Thermo Wraps

IMPACTO® THERMO WRAPS provide natural heat therapy for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, arthritic pain and repetitive strain. Worn directly against the skin, THERMO WRAPS captures body heat, increase circulation and provide compression and support.

Patented Air Belt® Technology

The Air Belt is a uniquely designed, inflatable lumbar support that can be conveniently worn inside or outside of clothing without restricting normal mobility. When inflated the interconnected air chambers conform to the back applying forward pressure that supports and naturally massages to reduce muscular discomfort, while encouraging proper alignment of the lower back. This unique design provides optimum anatomical conformance, keeping the muscles properly elongated and in a resting state and less prone to injury.

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