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Manufacturing specialized personal protective equipment since 1988.

IMPACTO products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, designs and processes. We spend considerable time and effort in developing quality protective equipment that is in conformance with safety international standards. These standards can be recognized by the following icons:

  • Unit of Measure
    Unit of Measure - Indicates how a product is sold; in pairs (PR), individually left (LH), right (RH) or ambidextrous (EA) or by case (C).
  • Bagged Item
    Bagged Item - Indicates a product is sold in bags. The number indicates the quantity of product per bag.
  • CE Compliance
    CE Compliance - Product meets the strict European safety guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment. Gloves are in compliance with EN 420 General Requirements for Gloves.
  • CSA Certified
    CSA Certified - As per Standard Z334-14 - Protective Footwear. Class 7231 02 - Occupational Health & Safety Products - Grade 1: over the shoe toe protectors withstands impact velocity minimum of 3.32m/s.
  • Steel Toe Compliance
    Steel Toe Compliance - Steel toe cap complies with ASTM Standard F2412-18/F2413-17 for a 75 lb impact (I/75) and compression (C/75) resistance rating.
  • Puncture Compliance
    Puncture Compliance - Insole complies with ASTM Standard F2412-18/F2413-17 and meets a minimum Puncture Resistance of 270 lbs (PR).
  • ANSI / ISO 10819
    ANSI / ISO 10819 - Gloves are in compliance with International Anti-Vibration Glove Standard ISO 10819 and North America ANSI S2.73-2002 (R 2007) / ISO 10819.
  • EN 388
    EN 388 - Gloves are in compliance with EN 388 - Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risks. Numbers identify the performance level for abrasion, blade cut, tear, and puncture resistance respectively.
  • EN 14404+A1:2010
    EN 14404+A1:2010 - Knee pads are certified as per EN 14404+A1:210 for penetration resistance, force distribution, shock absorption and are approved for working in a kneeling position.
  • Patent Numbers
    Patent Numbers - Indicates a product has an existing or pending patent for the technology it uses.
  • USA Insurance Code
    USA Insurance Code - Indicates a products HCPCS or HCFA code for medical insurance purposes.
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance
    APMA Seal of Acceptance - Indicates product promotes good foot health as per the American Podiatric Medical Associations (APMA) standards.

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