Air Belt Air Plus

Patented Technology, Superior Support

Multi-cell pneumatic Air Bladder Technology employs air as the primary element to not only effectively support but to cushion and stabilize providing optimum anatomical conformance with rm supportive pressure to specific c muscles.

Alleviate Pain & Discomfort / Promotes Muscle Relaxation / Improves Posture / Durable, Moisture Wicking Materials / Interconnected Air Chambers

IMPACTO Air Belt®Lumbar Support

Features unique patented inflatable air technology. Multi-celled air chambers conform to the back when air is added to provide relief from back pain. Moisture absorbing inner lining and nylon outer cover. Extended web with adjustable hook and loop

The Air Belt Promotes Muscle Relaxation, Improves Posture Alignment and Supports the Lower Back, key elements for back protection.closure fits two convenient sizes.

Sizing Dimensions:

#APSM – fits waist 25″ to 35″
#APLXL – fits waist 36″ to 50″

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  • Certification Icon, Details: USA INS. HCFA CODE L0630 USA INS. HCFA CODE L0630
  • Certification Icon, Details: 00000 - AIR BLADDER SYSTEM 00000 – AIR BLADDER SYSTEM
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Product meets the strict European safety guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment.

Gloves are in compliance with EN 420 General Requirements for Gloves.


Indicates a products HCPCS or HCFA code for medical insurance purposes.


Indicates a product has an existing or pending Patent for the technology it uses.


Indicates how a product is sold:  PR: sold in pair only | LH / RH: sold individually by left hand (LH) or right  hand (RH)  |  EA: ambidextrous, sold individually by each  |  BG: sold per bag. 

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