9 Inch Wood Handle

For Work on Delicate Surfaces

Shock absorption, vibration isolation and acoustical damping. 1.75 x 2.75 x 4 inch head with 9 inch straight, wooden handle.

IMPACTO Soft non-marking mallets with Visco Elastic Polymer, VEP head. Absorbs impact and shock. Helps prevent marrying, scratching and marking delicate surfaces. Head 1.75” wide x 2.75″ high x ” 1.75″ deep. Wooden straight handle,  9” long. 

• Minimizes marring, scratching and denting delicate surfaces
• Its perfect memory ensures a return to original shape even after repeated compressions
• Absorbs and dissipates hand jarring and harmful impact
• Ideal for engineering design applications requiring shock absorption, vibration isolation and acoustical damping
• Used in assembly, automotive, furniture, repair and metal facilities
• Can be used on all types of surfaces including hard and soft metals, glass or wood or any surfaces requiring a dead blow hammer or rubber mallet
• Durometer: 67 – 73 Shore 00

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