Eggsercizer® Hand Exercizer

Product Code: EGG

Body Part: Wrist Hazard: Fatigue Cumulative-Trauma RSI

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IMPACTO hand exercizing aid. Ergonomically shaped resistive hand exerciser made of non-allergenic polymer. Latex free, non-allergenic. Sold as Individually.

  • Helps prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI) when doing continuous tasks for long periods
  • Aids in rehabilitation of hand and finger injuries
  • Helps rehabilitate and strenghten weakened or injured fingers, hands and wrist
  • Hand and finger exercizing and stretching aid to alleviate fatigue
  • Ideal for arthritic and injured hands


Color coded density resistance:

  • 1804: Extra Soft (orange)
  • 1805: Soft (green)
  • 1806: Medium (blue)
  • 1807: Firm (plum)