Metatarsal Protector – Straps

For footwear without laces

Optional straps for metatarsal guard, METGUARD. Used when shoes don’t have laces. 

Made of resilient nylon webbing, 1″ wide x 24″ long. Set of 4 for 1 pair of shoes. Used with #METGUARD for shoes without laces.

The METGUARD protects the foot from crushing, stubbing and impact and it’s ideal for work environments that carry risk of accidental foot damage and injury. 

  • Certification Icon, Details: PR, C36 PR, C36

Unit of Measure

Indicates how a product is sold; PR: sold in pair only. LH,RH: sold individually by left hand (LH) or right  hand(RH). EA: ambidextrous, sold individually by each. BG: sold per bag.

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