Leather Anti-Impact Glove

VEP Protection from Impact

Cowhide leather glove with unique channel over the carpal tunnel keeps pressure off the median nerve. VEP palm pad protects from impact.

IMPACTO Carpal Tunnel Glove has unique channel over the carpal tunnel keeps pressure off the median nerve to alleviate symptoms of repetitive injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused by repetitive use and vibration. Full finger for optimum hand protection. Utilizes patented Shock-Tek technology. Durable all cowhide leather. Visco-elastic polymer 3/16″ padding, precision cut for maximum comfort. Reinforced stitching for durability. Elastic gathered wrist.

  • Provides protection from vibration and impact
  • Helps prevent the onset of injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain and white finger disease
  • Thin, snug fit, padding is precision-cut to eliminate bunching and provide
  • Used with power and electric tools such as rivet guns, and air actuated tools
  • Ideal for construction, packaging, material handling, assembly line

Other styles:

ST8206 – with synthetic suede leather, half finger

ST8610 – with black grain leather, half finger

ST5015 – all leather, half finger


Proper size is important. Follow the guidelines below to determine the closest size to order. For sizing, with fingers extended measure circumference of the hand across the knuckles at the base of your fingers (don’t include the thumb). These gloves fit small. On some cases you might need to order one or two sizes larger than your normal glove size.

ST8610 ST8206 ST5010 ST5015 Glove  Hand  Hand Circumference
Part# Part# Part# Part# Size Size Inches Centimeters
ST861010 ST820610 ST501010 XS 6 6 – 7 15 – 18
ST861020 ST820620 ST501020 ST501520 S 7 7 – 8 18 – 20
ST861030 ST820630 ST501030 ST501530 M 8 8 – 9 20 – 23
ST861040 ST820640 ST501040 ST501540 L 9 9 – 10 23 – 25
ST861050 ST820650 ST501050 ST501550 XL 10 10 – 11 25 – 28
ST861060 ST820660 ST501060 ST501560 XXL 11 11 – 12 28 –  30
ST861070 ST820670 ST501070 XXXL 12 12 – 13 31 – 33
ST861080 ST820680 XXXXL 13 13+ 33+


  • Certification Icon, Details:
  • Certification Icon, Details: PR, 12 PR, 12


Product meets the strict European safety guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment.

Gloves are in compliance with EN 420 General Requirements for Gloves.


Indicates how a product is sold; this product is sold in pairs (PR). Case quantity as indicated.

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