Blue Dot Heel Cup

Provides Greater Comfort Underfoot

Viscolas Medical-grade silicone cushion with “Blue Dot” area of softer silicone to help cushion the heel for greater comfort underfoot.

IMPACTO Viscolas BlueDot heel cups provide effective protection against the harmful effects of heel strike and relief from pain and discomfort.

Made of medical grade silicone that has been designed with a “Blue Dot” in the medial side of the heel. This “Blue Dot” area is made of a softer silicone to help cushion the heel for greater comfort underfoot. The cupped design forces the fatty pad of the heel (the body’s own natural defense against skeletal shock) downward for extra protection. Recommended for the vigorous athlete or for anyone whose normal routine requires distance walking.

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Select sizes based on the size of your footwear. Insoles can be trimmed for a perfect fit.


Size Code US Men US Women Europe UK
 A 2 – 4 4 – 6 33 – 36 1 – 3
5 – 7 7 – 9 37 – 40 4 – 6
8 – 10 10 – 12 41 – 44 7 – 9
11 -13 45 – 48 10 -12
14 – 16 49 – 50 13 – 14
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  • Certification Icon, Details: PR, C12 PR, C12
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