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Heavy Hitter

New IMPACTO® Heavy Hitter Anti-Impact Coated Gloves

Impacto Protective Products Inc. specializes in design, manufacturing and distribution of custom ergonomic products to help prevent cumulative trauma and repetitive strain injuries. One of the latest innovative products added to the Hand Protection Line is the HEAVY HITTER GLOVES. Back of the hand coated with heavy duty “pods” of cellular Chloroprene for impact and abrasion protection. Palm coated with lightweight cellular Chloroprene to maximize gripping. Nylon/cotton knit material ensures stretch and breathability.

These unique HEAVY HITTER gloves use encapsulated air to cushion and dampen vibration, impact and shock to the back of the hand and fingers. Ideal for the mining industry, mechanics, oil and gas workers, confined spaces, and any jobs where hands and fingers are exposed to pinching, crushing or striking.

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