Toes2Go are now CSA Certified

Toes2Go Steel Toe Cap Overshoes

Impacto Protective Products Inc. specializes in design, manufacturing and distribution of custom ergonomic products to help prevent cumulative trauma injuries.

The IMPACTO TOES2GO steel toe cap overshoes have obtained Certification by Canadian CSA Standard Z334-14: Protective Footwear. CLASS 7231 02 – OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY PRODUCTS. Grade 1 – over the shoe toe protectors withstands impact velocity minimum of 3.32m/s. For full details on CSA standard visit their website

Effective December 18, 2019, the TOES2GO shipping in Canada will be marked with the CSA label.

New part numbers  will be T2GCSAS (Small), T2GCSAM (Medium), T2GCSAL (Large).

The TOES2GO is recommended for use in any industry in work environments that carry a risk of accidental toe damage or have a steel toe cap requirement. Designed to fit tightly over existing shoes, providing a solid steel cap to protect the toes against accidental crushing or stubbing.

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