Ergomate Tracmate

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“We have a seven stage wash system to prep our cases for paint. We were trying to come up with a way to improve the safety of the crew that cleans it weekly since the detergents and sealers build up on the stainless steel floors and walls and they get quite slick.

I was doing some research into slip resistant overshoes when I found your website. After looking at the options I decided the Tracmates would be worth a try. Impacto sent me a sample of  size large and extra large pair to try. We tried them that weekend they came in and everyone was amazed at how well they gripped on the slipperiest surfaces.

They also are very durable and we can get multiple uses from each pair. We simply rinse them out and hang them to dry and the are ready for next cleaning day.

Thanks for the samples and the help getting them into our safety equipment dispensers.”

Maintenance Supervisor,

Matco Tools


Ergomate Tracmates

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