Wrist Support

Product Code: ERWW

Body Part: Wrist Hazard: RSI

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IMPACTO wrist wrap made with 3" elastic with a strip of Sorbothane covered with nylon. Adjustable hook and loop closure, 13". 

  • Protects from repetitive strain injuries
  • Helps prevent over extension and over flexion of the wrist
  • Absorbs and dissipates impact and vibration

#ERWWNS - without pad

Sorbothane® a thermoset, polyether base, polyurethane material that combines high-energy absorption with faultless memory. Its liquid-solid properties allow it to simultaneously absorb shock and isolate vibration even at high frequency ratios. Sorbothane is used in anti-impact and anti-vibration gloves, tool grip kits and anti-fatigue insoles. Sorbothane offers 94.7% shock-absorption, positioned at point of impact to reduce pain, jarring, fatigue and risk of injury.


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CE Compliance

IMPACTO products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, designs and processes to meet the user's optimum comfort and protection. We spend considerable time and effort in developing quality protective equipment that is in conformance with safety international standards. All products carrying the CE symbol meet the strict safety European guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment.