Anti-Slash Shin Padded

Product Code: AL257

Body Part: Shin Hazard: Slash/Heat

Where to Buy

IMPACTO Shin Protector. Pull on style, made with 100% KEVLAR®, double layer. Visco-elastic polymer padding.  Suede leather cover offers extra abrasion protection. Elastic top helps keep shin guard in place.

  • Protects from cumulative trauma such as bruising and impact
  • Helps prevent slash and cut injuries when working around sharp objects
  • Available in sizes S to XL

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CE Compliance

IMPACTO products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, designs and processes to meet the user's optimum comfort and protection. We spend considerable time and effort in developing quality protective equipment that is in conformance with safety international standards. All products carrying the CE symbol meet the strict safety European guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment.