Stabilicers Hike XP

Optimum Stability & Traction

Designed for more challenging terrain. Optimum stability from frozen streams to ungroomed trails. SureFitTM binding systems and contured insole provides a secure t and better performance. Performs down to -45 degrees.

STABIL Traction SystemTM Performance Cleat / SureFitTM Binding System / Lightweight & Durable

Made of proprietary Thermo Plastic Elastometer (TPE) that performs to -45 degrees. Lightweight and extremely durable. Fits over most types of low-cut footwear for all-day comfort. Adjustable double strap system with hook and loop closure provide a secure fit.

  • Replaceable cleats and proprietary tread pattern are designed for optimum stability and traction
  • Provides dependable traction from frozen streams to ungroomed trails
  • Surefit binding systems and contured insole provides a secure fit and better performance
  • Superior traction and stability in a variety of winter conditions
  • Designed for more challenging terrain, in the most challenging winter conditions

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Select sizes based on the size of your footwear.


Size US Men US Women Europe
XS*  1 – 3.5  1 – 4.5  31 – 35
S  4 – 7  5 – 8 35 – 39
M  7.5 – 10  8.5 – 12  40 – 43.5
 10.5 – 13  –  44 – 47
XL   13.5 – 16 –  48 – 50 
* XS Available only in Stabilicers™ Walk, For Kids.
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Unit of Measure

Indicates how a product is sold; PR: sold in pair only. LH,RH: sold individually by left hand (LH) or right  hand(RH). EA: ambidextrous, sold individually by each. C: sold by case only.

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