Ultra Performer Insole

Long-Lasting Protection

Closed cell foam, high-profile footbed alternative to solid viscoelastics. Contoured molded style, gel inserts in the heel and metatarsal area.

IMPACTO Ultra Performer Shoe Inserts. Closed cell high-profile footbeds offer a lighter-weight alternative to solid viscoelastics. Molded style with contoured design to offer more heel stability and extra arch support. Recommended in harsh environments where frequent insole replacement is necessary. Great for boots, sports shoes, outdoor and work footwear. With Viscolas® inserts to dampen shock in the areas where heel strike causes the most underfoot pressure.

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Select sizes based on the size of your footwear. Insoles can be trimmed for a perfect fit.


Size CodeUS MenUS WomenEuropeUK
 A2 – 44 – 633 – 361 – 3
5 – 77 – 937 – 404 – 6
8 – 1010 – 1241 – 447 – 9
11 -1345 – 4810 -12
14 – 1649 – 5013 – 14
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  • Certification Icon, Details: PR, C12 PR, C12
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