Neck Support System

Product Code: UPGUARD3000

Body Part: Neck Hazard: Fatigue RSI

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IMPACTO Ergonomic Neck Support System For people that must look up for extended periods to prevent repetitive necks train.

Doctor designed and approved, the UPGUARD helps preserve the anatomical integrity of the neck while in sustained or repetitive extension motions. The UPGUARD via its strap attachment,rests on the upper thorax (top of the back)and approaches the neck when the head is extended, or tilted backwards. The support serves as a reminder to restrict motion rather than to completely block motion. With the support resting on the upper back, the extension range of motion can be limited.

  • Made of lightweight molded polyurethane foam offers comfortable fit to cradle the neck
  • Adjustable fire retardant polypropylene straps with large capacity clips attach securely to the waist
  • Universal fit
  • Ideal for many activities that involve looking-up including,
    Mechanics, Forestry, Painting, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical work, Building Maintenance, Dry wall installation, Operating lift trucks, Working on assembly lines, Utility Jobs, Washing Windows, Automotive, Maintenance


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