Impacto X-Standing Mat

Product Code: MAT5030

Body Part: Knee Misc Foot Hazard: Fatigue Cumulative-Trauma

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IMPACTO Anti-fatigue standing mats with beveled edge and safety strip help reduce impact and fatigue on the feet, legs and back while standing for long periods. Provides comfortable support and cushioning when standing all day

  • Helps reduce knee trauma and low back stress
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Used in many settings like tire stores, utility workers, petroleum production, telecommunication workers and manufacturing
  • Will not compression set or absorb liquids
  • Impervious to petroleum products
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Silicone-free
  • Easy to clean with soap and water, pressure wash or steam clean

Available in two sizes:

#MAT5020 - 16" x 28"

#MAT5030 - 18" x 36"


One Size

CE Compliance

IMPACTO products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, designs and processes to meet the user's optimum comfort and protection. We spend considerable time and effort in developing quality protective equipment that is in conformance with safety international standards. All products carrying the CE symbol meet the strict safety European guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment.