Tool Grip Wrap Anti-Vibration

Product Code: GRIPKIT

Body Part: Hand and Wrist Hazard: Vibration

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IMPACTO vibration reducing tool handle gripwrap. Kit includes waffle Visco-elastic polymer sheet and self-adhesive silicone rubber tape.

  • Absorbs and dissipates shock and vibration transmitted by power tools
  • Provides a soft anti-slip gripping surface
  • Easy to use and customize with open or closed handles

#9066 - VEP material 6.5" x 5" sheet, 3/16 inch thick.

#9068 - VEP material 6.5" x 5" sheet, 1/8 inch thick.

#9067 - VEP material 13" x 5" sheet, 1/8 inch thick.

#9065 - VEP material 13" x 5" sheet, 3/16 inch thick.

#9064 - VEP material 13" x 15" sheet, 3/16" thick.


One Size

VEP Padding

VEPs are solids that mimic the behavior of liquids, which allows dissipation of shock waves better than any other material. The "solid-liquid" nature of VEP absorbs shock waves in all directions at once, reforming to its original shape at a rate that is slow enough so as not to exert outward pressure that could cause reverberations, but fast enough to regain its original shape before the next shock.

  • In laboratory tests, VEP has proven its ability to absorb up to 500% more shock than foam of the same thickness
  • The unique manner in which VEP dissipates impact energy, makes it an ideal material for the improvement of health and safety in industry and commerce
  • VEP padding is positioned in or in combinations of multiple places on the hand: palm, back of hand, fingers, thumb web area
  • VEP is also used for body protectors and cushions to dampen impact and vibration
  • Typical thickness of gloves are 1/8” (3 mm) to provide excellent shock absorption and impact dissipation while allowing tactile feedback
  • Also available in 3/16” (4.5 mm) and 1/4" (6 mm) thickness for specialty applications

CE Compliance

IMPACTO products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, designs and processes to meet the user's optimum comfort and protection. We spend considerable time and effort in developing quality protective equipment that is in conformance with safety international standards. All products carrying the CE symbol meet the strict safety European guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment.